Thursday, November 5

body language

Can't you tell the exact emotions going on in this picture...

Berkleigh: I do not want to be close to this HUGE ant.

Berkleigh's Eyes: I am keeping you in my sights you big ugly bug.
Berkleigh's Legs: You are not putting me down mom. Clench.

Mom: You will take a picture with this bug... and like it. :)

Mom's hand: Death grip on Merrick's arm.
Mom's body: Leaning into said ant to look like we all want to be there.
Mom's smile: Fake.

Merrick: Is he real?

Merrick's face: Confusion. Didn't I see him in a movie?
Merrick's body: Cowering away from Flick.

Flick: I am going to pretend I am having a wonderful time, although these kids are scared of me
and it is 100 degrees outside and I am dying of heat in this blue getup.

By the way, my kids did ask to get a picture with him before all the above happened.

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ecuakim said...

Oh man. I'm dyin' here. You're killin' me with this hilarious play by play. Also, because this just happened to us with Clark over the weekend with a big skeleton. So freaking funny!

Chelsea said...

Classic. I love B's leg clench. I love your "fake" smile.

I kinda wish Cami was still scared of all the characters. With out all that waiting around to see them, we would have had much more time for RIDES :)

Emily C said...


KelBelle said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!! You definitely captured every aspect of the photo perfectly! B is my fav!! How come I never see any characters while I'm there?

We had fun at the wedding--glad your sweet faces were there!