Wednesday, September 2

Dinner and a Movie

(Homemade Cafe Rio Salad.. find recipes here)



My favorite Pixar movie thus far. Loved every minute of it.. well except for the talking dogs.

A perfect night with my family.

7 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I loved it too!!! Is this the twins first real movie?
Love ya!!

jenny said...

i totally agree about the talking dogs.

Taylors said...

I love how your Cafe Rio salad is even in a tin dish, just like them!

Was that movie in the dollars theaters? I'm jealous.

Amy said...

awesome!!! Did you know they are opening Cafe Rio in Lake Forest!!! I saw the sign for it that said coming soon!!!

Emily C said...

SHUT UP!! did you make that cafe rio salad or steal that picture from their website? if you made it girl, i will pay you whatever you want for you to make that for me. you name your price!!! i'm dieing right now!

Autumn said...

Loved that movie too! My whole family saw it this summer, can't wait for it to come out on dvd!

Sheryl and Ian said...

The salad looks so good to me! Haven't seen the show yet, guess we need to :)