Wednesday, August 12

Gymboree: Day 51

I took the kids to the Gymboree for the free pass day. You can go for free, try out the class, see if you like it, and sign your yearly income away to the people so your children can go once a week. Well, that is good advertising, because after attending a class you will want to do that exact thing... but not this frugal - love- things - that - are - free woman! I did have an easy out though. They discriminate against mothers with twins. :) You have to have a one to one ratio in the class, and you have to be in hugging range of your child at all times.

(Notice, I broke the cardinal rule in this picture, I am not in hugging distance from Berkleigh. I was reprimanded for that... :)

Hehe.. I can't have one to one ration with twins... except today, when GRANDMA came to play with us.

Today's class was all about making breakfast. It was super cute we:

made pancakes (the foam flat things),

made orange juice and put it in upside down cones,
Notice Merrick chose not to drink the "orange juice" but to wear the "cup" as a hat.

and had free time...

and ate breakfast together!

We read stories, sang, danced,

played with bubbles,

and played with the parachute.

Look at him crane his neck to watch the parachute come down. . .
Fun and free... my motto!

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