Sunday, August 23

Avast! It be Day 61, savvy?

Thar be a Pirate Festival last night!

The Scott Crew sailed our ship to Long Beach last night for some fun and excitement.

Here be the pictures... wish ye be thar, eh?

They be the cutest wee pirates. Their size might trick ye, they are mighty tough, matey!

Dude... doesn't he look just like Johnny Depp.. I mean, Jack Sparrow?

We were branded pirates by another Jack Sparrow. (There were seriously 50 of them)

Merrick not sure he "chose the right path..."

This be Megan's best mate.

X marks the spot, eh? Well, this here treasure map sent us on a treasure hunt...

We be captured for stealin' the wrong booty

After the festival, we sent the wee pirates off to bed, and stayed up into the wee hours talkin' and eatin' smores beside this here fire.

Another hearty day in Southern California!

4 love notes:

Autie said...

How Fun!!!

Jen and Chris said...

I wish I was there. I love Johhny Depp...I mean, Jack Sparrow.

Ammo said...

Ohhhh it kinda made my heart hurt to see all the fun we have been missing!
Ps: I saw the pic with Jack Sparrow, does Tyson need to be worried?

Ammo said...

Ps: Although the above says ammon, this is Becky