Wednesday, August 26

63:Beach Galore

I think I got so carried away with my Summer Fun challenge, that I forgot what is most important... going to the beach. I got so busy trying to plan new things to do, that I didn't make it to the beach as often as I should have.

We made up for it today...

Kenz enjoyed a sleep over with us Sunday night, and when Monday morning hit, we went on a bike ride to the beach..

We stopped for a look at the famous surfer hand prints (like the Chinese theater in Hollywood)

Played at the beach with friend from my ward..

Then we went to Sprinkles because kenz has never had one, and shopped at Anthropologie, which is the store that binds our hearts together.

At 6 pm it was off to the ward corn roast.. mmm

Day 63.. one deliciously sandy day.

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