Wednesday, August 19


54:Day of the Dinosaurs:54
Tyson took on Day O' Fun today (so I could go see The Proposal with my sis in laws), and took the kids to the Laguna Hills Community Center to look at the dinosaur bones and the butterfly garden.

55:Family Fun Day:55

We have had tons of family in town... so we took advantage and spent some time with them...


We went to Disneyland with Kristy, Dallin, Lisa, Emily, and Lauren. It was the first day that we could go back after our passes were blocked out for the summer... um... we won't be going back until after California schools start back up. It was crazy. The shortest lines were for the disney characters.
We met Sully from Monsters Inc. and Mary Poppins and Bert. I felt star struck. I love Mary Poppins. I know she isn't the real deal.. but seriously... I was a little giddy.

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