Thursday, July 2

Splish Splashin our way to Numero Nueve

Our Apartments are under some heavy construction right now, so we decided to venture a little farther for Summer fun. We went to Sea World with Meg, Addison, Autie, Max, Ivy, Kristy, and Dallin. Fun was had by all.

Waiting for Shamu.. who must be a very confused whale, because they kept calling him Shamu, even though there were 4 of them, and they all had other names. Where is PEDA when you need'm. We have name confused whales over here.. .that sounds just up PEDA's alley of pointless battles to fight for the rights of animals. ;)

Yes, Berkleigh is our Trekkie. She is doing the Volcun sign. Spock is her idol.

Trying to get a better look at the sleeping bear.

Elmo isn't my favorite... however they have an amazing Elmo play park at Sea World. We played for quite awhile. Splash pads, playgrounds, and...

this awesome place! It was a pit, so the kids couldn't get out. Then you throw some big foam blocks, padding everywhere, and a bouncy surface and you have a "parents-sit- and- chat- while-kids-run-around-crazy" party. No parenting is involved in the pit. I love it!

2 love notes:

Emily said...

it looks like a great time was had by all!!!

RaeAnn said...

How did you take Merrick in midair?
Such a great pic!!!
What are they doing to your apartment?