Friday, July 17

Lake Arrowhead: 22-23

The twins and I left daddy home, and went with the YW to a cabin in Lake Arrowhead. We had so much fun playing in the water, eating junk food, wakeboarding, watching movies, taking naps, and seeing Harry Potter at midnight!

Me and my friend Kristi... geeked out with the lightning bolts waiting to get into the theater.

HB 4 Young Women excited to see Harry Potter... We took up half the theater. It was so small! Notice Kristi and I aren't the only geekers with lightning bolts. :)

Playing outside in the mountain air, and acting WT. What is up with B's dress, and M's trunks?

Get so excited about the next fun day! It was my favorite one so far!

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Brooke said...

k so i kinda already decided that im gonna come live with you for the rest of the summer cuz i wanna go on all these crazy adventures too!! how do you even find out about these places.
your favorite sister in law that lives close to you-BRooke :) ahah