Tuesday, July 7

Ferried to 14

This particular fun day has been on my list for awhile. It was perfect weather today, so today we went.

We drove to Newport Beach.

Parked among the beach cottages.

Walked to the ferry.

Watched the yachts and sailboats pass us.

Get off at Balboa Island.

Buy a Balboa Bar.

Try and split it, because I am to cheap to buy them each their own.

Watch the mess that follows. (I know they loved it! Look at these faces!)

Rode home.

What a beautiful day!

3 love notes:

tiff said...

JENNIFER.....you are putting my summer-mommying to shame. Shame, I tell ya.

I can use pregnancy as an excuse, right?

Emily said...

love the new camera!!! wonderful pics!! looks like you guysw are having a great time so far!!!

ecuakim said...

Ditto to what Tiff said. Beautiful pictures and such a fun mommy. Oh to be like Jen! I have to tell you that I did get the color tablets for the bathtub and Clark LOVES them. So, at least he gets one super fun thing everyday! Thanks for the tip!