Monday, July 6

4 (Day 12)

4 cute people decked out in red, white, and blue.

I made Berkleigh's 4th of July dress by sewing to bandana's together. Click here to see how.

Rode our bikes along with every other resident in all of Huntington Beach to the parade.

Watched the parade.

Played at the park.

Got ready for a BBQ with the Scotts and Thackers.  Got to see Brittany and this cute newly engaged couple, Tyson and Brianna. (Yes, I got his name right...another Tyson!)

Swam and created a tsunami.

Berkleigh and Merrick felt like they needed to be in on the action.

They are so coo...

Did a little slip n' slide.

Played a fun game of "balls". I don't know what it was called, but it was like horseshoes, except with balls on rope. 

BBQed and swam some more.

Bought some illegal fireworks. Seriously... kid in a candy store. He cracks me up!

Lit off some smoke bombs.

Walked to the HB pier to watch the fireworks along with the projected  1 million other people.

Snuggled with mom as booms sounded all around.

Put the kids to bed, and had a party with just the parentals. We ran inside everytime we "thought" we saw a cop...

3 love notes:

Emily C said...

such GREAT pictures!! love the one of merrick on sli-n-slide. and LOVE berkleigh's bandana dress.

jenny said...

looks like fun! kate was watching me read this and got all excited berkleigh has the same swimsuit she does. love the bandana dress; i never would have thought of that.

RaeAnn said...

Love the new camera!!!
Love the great pics!!!
Glad you had lots of fun!!!
Love ya!!!