Monday, July 20

2 8owling twins (28)

We had a great time gettin' some free bowling on Monday! We drove to Anaheim, to a bowling center that has a kids bowl free program. I knew I needed to pay for shoes, but when we got there, they didn't make me pay for the kids shoes cause their feet were to small... they got to wear the shoes they came in. Awesome... free bowling! Gotta love it!

Waiting for the results.

Their favorite part was watching their balls magically appear.
Yes, Berkleigh had a pink ball, and Merrick had a blue ball.

Seriously, on a bad day, I can get like 83... they did so good. They each got a spare!

Gotta love Sonic on the way home!

6 love notes:

jenny said...

every time we go out here they are so anal about letting us use the "disability" thing to roll the ball...drives me nuts. a sonic orange slushee sounds so good right now...why don't we have sonic here.

Emily C said...

you really scored with that freebie! b/c bowling really does add up! i'm always surprised how much it ends up costing. wish i could bowl free, cuz its so fun!

Jackie said...

Ok, its official. I'm not looking at your blog anymore! You are way beyond fun! Those lucky kiddos!
oh, LOVE LOVE LOVE the anniversary outfit!!! You looked smokin!

Be A Saint said...

Ok, can my little kids come and live with you for the rest of the summer. THey are seriously deprived of fun here this summer. I feel like a lazy, boring mom!! Thanks for all the FUN ideas.

RaeAnn said...

Where did you find a Sonic? Now I know you are in heaven!!! I guess the only other thing you need is Blue Bell Ice Cream!!
Love ya!!

Emily said...

that would be a disater wanting to happen for us or a trip to the foot doctor(from losing a toe due to a 10lbs. ball being dropped on it) how do you find all the free stuff to do?