Sunday, June 21

To the Hands On Dad...

Dear Dad,

You are the greatest dad. You play with us all the time. You let us do funny things to you.

You take us on adventures. 
You get us up, and outside, and laughing.

Thanks for supplying our family with quesadillas, jam sandwiches, and bicycle rides.

Thanks for working hard for us, so we can stay home and do fun things.

We love you! We starting asking for you every time we get in the car, every time we see a picture of you, and every time we think about you.

Have a good Father's Day! 

We love you!

Jen, Merrick & Berkleigh

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Your a great Dad, Tyson!!! We love you too!! Happy Father's Day!!!!

Amy said...

I love ALL of these pictures!!! So cute!!

Chelsea said...

I just ADORE that pic of Tyson and the kids backs on the beach-- it NEEDS to be framed. Tyson really is such a great Daddy, I will never forget seeing him dead asleep in primary (he was so great for getting up in the night to help with the twins).

PS- I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the kids room- it already looks great!

jenny said...

what cute pictures. tyson was always so good to help with the twins.