Monday, May 4

Arizona Weekend

we went to AZ for the weekend. What a crazy trip! My awesome SIL graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and EVERY single Scott was there!
Megan and David came from Utah
Cameron and girlfriend Jana came from Texas
Tyson and I came from California
Brittany came from Michigan
Ashleigh came from Texas
Mackenzie came from Utah
Brooke and Scotts came from California.

That is a lot of people from different states!

Here are some pics...

We met two signifigant others. :) We played games, we swam, we ate... all my favorite things!
We ate at Tia Rosa's. Here are all the girls. I didn't grow up in a family of girls... so it is fun to have 6 sisters!
The best graduation ever! It was only an hour long, and all the students made gourmet food before the graduation started. 

The graduate, who I am jealous over, cause she is leaving for Italy tomorrow for 2 months!

Oh, and I am glad Tyson and I didn't move to AZ... it is too hot. Not my favorite place.

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garcias said...

That does sound like the best graduation ever. Much better than BYU where they take forever and it is just BYU food. :)