Wednesday, May 20


I smile when I remember yesterday! This almost 30 year old brought in 29 with a bang!

Here is how the festivities unfolded...

7:30: Woke up to Tyson singing happy birthday. 
7:35: Fell back to sleep
8:30: Kids woke up and thus me up
8:45: Ran and Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred
9:30: Play outside with neighbors
12:00: Kids go down for a nap, party begins.
12:30: Voted in State Election
1:00: Birthday lunch with the girls in my complex. We had yummy turkey burgers, fruit, and these glorious cupcakes!
                       Melody                          Becky & Hailey                    Kim                            Autie                  Me                            Kristy                   Megan

Kristy BBQing the turkey burgers!

2:00: Enjoyed the sun with friends while ALL our kids were napping.
3:00: Tyson comes home
   Open Presents
I got lots of texts, comments on blog, voicemails, cards, facebook wall writings, etc. I felt so loved! I even got some love all the way from Italy!
My friend made me this necklace with the twins names. I have wanted one for awhile, but I couldn't find one that could fit such long names! Thanks Autie!

And I get to go to this with my sis in law this summer! Thanks Craig and Jackie! What a fun present!

3:30: Twins go to grandparents
4:00pm: Make our way to Disneyland. 
Got my free bag of tortillas cause it was my birthday.
And if you didn't notice, I did get a birthday button... I wanted to make sure all the "cast members" said happy birthday to me ALL day long. :)

(You get in free on your birthday, or if you have a pass, you get a gift card, or you can renew your pass for about half off. Our passes expire on June 6, so we renewed... and mine only cost $70 to go to Dland for a WHOLE year!)

4:00-8:30pm: Hang with the Haights at Disneyland (they were celebrating their anniversary)

9:55pm: Watch Angels and Demons

12:00am: Blow out candles and eat cake

1:00am: Go to bed
9:45 am: Wake up on May 20... feel bad, and run to in laws to save them from my crazy children.

8 love notes:

jenny said...

looks like a fun one! that is such a perk to living that close to friends that you guys can all go hang out while the kiddies are napping. and so nice of your in-laws to take them overnight and get you awesome concert tickets!

jenny said...

also, cute shirt!

Garrison Family said...

what an awesome day! and I gotta know..... how was the movie... the book rocked.

Kristyn said...

HAPPY BRITHDAY!!! How fun are bdays like that?! Tysons' photo montage was awesome, you guys are darling together and it's so fun to see all the fun stuff you do. And might I add, I LOVE the shirt you got for your bday on the top left in the presents picture. I'm so glad you had such a fun day - Dland, movie, BBQ, cupcakes - it can't get much better than that!

Melody Odell said...

Why did you have to post a picture of the cupcakes now I am craving them big time and can't get them off my mind! I am so glad I was there to celebrate with you, we love you guys!

mamaroosh said...

What a perfect birthday! Lunch with the girls and Disney Land with your husband! Woohoo! I thought of you all day but knew you'd were doing fun things. I'll call you! Happy Birthday!

Jon and Becky said...

For a second, I thought your husband was on an amusement park ride with some other chick.

Sheryl and Ian said...

What fun! Glad you had a great day.