Saturday, April 11

Crazy Week!!!

General Conference
Laying out at the beach

(So relaxing without running after your kids running into the ocean.)

Girls Bonfire

(Merrick kept poking the fire with the weenie roaster yelling "fiya, fiya"!)


Sea World

(Love this picture.. Nataleigh, Merrick, Berkleigh, and Ethan staring at the Manatees)

Cooking Day and Beach Day with Rasmussens

(The cousins came to our neck of the woods for a beach day.)

(We were super tourists and rented one of those covered 4 person bikes! Not as fun as they look... except when you are going down hills, and your kids aren't screaming)


Shopping the second hand stores....

so we can afford... 


Shopping and Guitar Hero World Tour... I am getting good!
Watched 7 Pounds. ... um... thought provoking... but I would not watch it again.


Egg Hunt

Merrick found so many eggs! Berkleigh saw the lady with the dog and wanted the dog not the shiny things all over the ground!

Egg Decorating

Egg Roll

Egg Toss

Egg Fight

Come on, we shoot guns on Thanksgiving, of course we throw eggs at each other on Easter.


Merrick: new hooded bath towel, sidewalk chalk, and some eggs, and Pinocchio
Berkleigh: a pettiskirt, eggs, sidewalk chalk, and a hooded bath towel.
Tyson: Marley and Me and candy
Jen: two shirts and two headbands.

8 love notes:

The Flying V said...

i love when you do weeks in review.. so i can live vicariously through you. haha. and your beach front property ( basically) plus-- when the heck you get so tan girl! your tan lasts forever too. i got red and burned and now am again in provo.. pealing. awesome. haha no but seriously love all your pics. you and your little fam are adorable.
love you!
-kenzer poo

Megan said...

Jen! So fun! What a great re-cap of this past week. We had such a blast with you guys. Thanks for everything! My kids came home with new cousin phrases like "OKAHY! "NICE" and my personl favorite..."Birthday to YOU" (Ethan has fun impersonating Berkleigh on that one). Thanks again!

jenny said...

your family has some of the best traditions. i love it.

Amy said...

Awesome week you had! It was fun to see you on Wednesday for a few! I have your kids pictures, but as you know they didn't really cooperate very well :( bummer, I got some dang cute shots of B though!

Emily C said...

you guys have great family traditions.

i'm obsessed with Berkleigh's froofy skirt. can i get one in adult size? ;) such a cute easter family pic of you guys.

Chelsea said...

sound fun and busy...I wouldnt expect any less form the Scotts! Love you guys, Happy Easter!!!

ecuakim said...

So fun! You guys are the cutest family!

tiff said...

I love the egg-throwing tradition. My boys would be ALL OVER THAT.

And I am in love with B's flower.