Thursday, March 5

First Picture Show

We went to see Bedtime Stories with some friends Autie, Max, Kristy, Dallin, Amber, Alexis and Carter. This movie was the twins first time in a movie theater. We had lots of fun, and ALL the kids did so well. I think my kids were dumbfounded that there was a "tv" that big! That sat through the whole movie. 
I love dollar theaters!

Lets do it again next month... or whenever another kid movie comes to my new favorite theater! 

5 love notes:

jenny said...

fun! i've been thinking kate might be ready for a movie at the theater...except she only thinks animated shows are "her" shows, plus we don't have a freaking dollar theater out here. looks like a fun outing!

Emily said...

that looks like alot of fun, I'm glad to see other kids enjoy tv like ryan does!!

Amy said...

you are brave mommas!!

and seriously- what are you using to edit your pictures? picasa?? I love the captions!!

RaeAnn said...

How fun is that???
Gotta love movies!!! and dollar theaters!!!
Love ya!!

Autie said...

Dude, I didn't get any cookies....! so fun!