Monday, March 9

Dear Bumbos,

You retired today. 
You were taken to the garage today. 
See you when another little one comes along.
Thanks for making me not need to buy highchairs.
Thanks for making it easy to feed two little kids at the same time.
Until next time...

Extremely Grateful in Huntington Beach

6 love notes:

Sally said...

I saw one of these at a yard sale before violet was born and totally regret not buying it!

jenny said...

sounds like you definitely got your moneys worth out of those things!! RIP little bumbos!

Becky said...

For some reason today when I read your links to the right I thought it said "Figity Family" and it made me laugh.

Kristy said...

We should have had a Farewell Bumbo party where everyone brings their bumbo and we eat treats and take pictures. I love parties.

Emily said...

that's a great feeling to get rid of another piece of baby junk!! but it will all come back and take over again!! and if your mom has any say that would be sooner then later : )

tiff said...

You used that and never got a high chair?! Please fill me in on the pros and cons of this, because I would LOVE to get rid of our too-big-to-look-nice high chair. Having one of these sounds brilliant.