Sunday, February 1

To Do

I have so much to do. This weekend is my girls weekend. I am super excited but I have to get some stuff done before the fun can begin.

What is finished as of FEB 2.
What is finished as of FEB 3.
What is finished as of FEB 4.
What is finished as of FEB 5.

The List (da duh duuuuh)

1. Make wedding gift DONE
2.  Grocery shopping and plan Tuesday night meal DONE
3. Clean bathtub DONE
4. Re Caulk bathtub DIDN'T DO
5. Spot clean the carpet STARTED
6. Clean the fridge DONE
7. Make reservation for pedis DONE
8. Dust DONE
9. Clean bedding DONE
10. Make and send out birthday invites for twins party
11. Finish a birthday present.
12. Wash the windows.
13. Ask Amy if  she has an airmattress. (Do you?) DONE
14. Write girls with list of fun things to bring for weekend. DONE
15. Decide if I want to make a pinata for birthday party, and if so learn how to make one. :) DONE
16. Buy scoops, snacks, breakfast food.
17. Organize bookshelves. DONE
18. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor DONE
19. Finish laundry. DONE
20. Mail Emergency kit to mom and Lisa. DONE
21. Pay bills, and fight insurance bill DONE
22. Clean out car DONE
23. Wash car seat covers and stroller covers for babies coming this weekend (Are they?)
24. Sleep, cause I won't be getting any this weekend. :) 
25. Clean Oven. DONE
26. Valentines DONE
27. Baby gifts DONE 
28. Get jeans tailored DONE

11 love notes:

Amy said...

OK, yes I have 2 air beds- I will plan on bringing them (do you need both?) Oh and if the babies don't come we can take my car all weekend (better gas milage, and you won't have to clean yours out???) This is an awesome list, I have one about the same length- I might have to stick it up on my blog too!

Jen Scott said...

it makes you honest and accountable. i have done it 3 or 4 times and I actually get everything done. :)

jenny said...

ooh didn't have sleep on my to do list, better add it :)

The Polson Family said...

Sounds super fun....and busy! I hope you guys have a great weekend. I wanted to play this week but my kids are sick so good thing your busy. Makes me feel not so bad about being stuck at home!

Jeff and Autie said...

Guess I'll have to plan on seeing you later...:)hee hee

Kristy said...

I know how to make a pinata... sounds like a fun crafternoon

thegreatscotts said...

And give your husband a hug before he leaves this weekend-me

Emily said...

that sounds like a lot of fun, I had to cancel my austin weekend this this week because of all our wonderful sickness!! i HOPE YOU HAVE A BLAST!!!

Jennifer Ripple said...

Jen, I always remember you and I being so much the same in HS.. I love the list.. maybe I need to start a blog so I can do this, haha, maybe I'll get more done!

I'm impressed with you and your list :o)

Have fun this weekend...

If you are in Texas anytime, we need to catch up!

~Jenn Ripple

Maren B said...

Whoa, for real you did all that stuff? Dang! I wish I were that productive in a month.

tiff said...

You actually get your jeans tailored?! I have new respect for you. Clinton and Stacey would be so proud....

I like how Tyson had to add "hug your husband" to the list. Because things on lists get done. At least they are more likely to. At least at my house.