Tuesday, February 17

Our Valentine's (Birth) Day(s)

I thought about having a birthday party... but it was too much work last year. I just wanted something small and easy, and that was delivered...

Birthday Breakfast: involves eating cake, peaches, pears, and orange julius while opening presents.
How nasty and cloppy does the frosting look? Apparently I put cold milk with room temperature ingredients. Note to self: Don't do that again!

Do you see my scrumptious cake stand. I am in love with it!

Birthday Clothes: I asked my friend Autie to make this skirt for Berkleigh. She used to sell them. I bought the fabric and she whipped it up for me. (Thanks!) I wanted her to have something fun to wear, and I didn't want it to be ANOTHER tutu like last year. This was perfect! I bought Merrick an orange polo shirt and put a zebra 2 in the corner. I promptly unstitched the 2 after the celebrations. 

Opening Presents: It was like Christmas there were SO many!!! Lets list, shall we? scooters, puzzles, 4 CARS cars, bathtub crayons, bathtub water color changing tablets, new bracelet (B, her last one broke that she got for her first birthday), dress up shoes, Bugs Life, Sleeping Beauty, more wooden food for kitchen, the cutest Book of Colors that our 2 1/2 year old neighbor made for them, and a broom for Merrick!

The Zoo: By zoo, I mean, 50 monkeys and other animals that I can see if I take the kids to the wooded areas around our house. It was no San Diego Zoo, but it was close and easy to walk through and the kids loved it.
A little monkey lovin.

My fav picture.

They got a kick out of feeding the sheep.

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Jessica said...

My fave picture is of berkleigh on her scooter. Its like she's thinking "what the heck am I supposed to do now?" Looks like a super fun day!

Sally said...

How do you get the energy to make such a fun birthday? I love the skirt!

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday twins!!! I LOVE their scooters, can they ride them...that would be impressive! Hey- where did you get the "I dig u" shovels? Cami always wants to help us shovel the snow.

PS- LOVE the skirt!

jenny said...

those scooters are adorable! the little play cookies are super cute too. looks like a fun day!!

RaeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Merrick and Berkleigh!!! Looks like you had a ton of fun!!! Love the cute outfits!!!
Love you guys!!!

Liz said...

What a perfect birthday for the twins. It looks like they had so much fun. I Also love the picture of Berkleigh on the scooter in her dress up shoes! Too cute. And I love her skirt!

Amy said...

They are going to LOVE those scooters! Boston has one, and he rides it to the park every day! Happy Birthday guys!

McGraths said...

So cute. I love that skirt.

Tara T said...

What a great tradition of opening up the presents and eating cake for breakfast!! I dont know why we wait till after dinner...anyhoo, happy birthday kiddos!!!!!!

tiff said...

Things I love in this post:

-the cake stand (totally scrumptious)
-the scooters
-b-day cake for b'fast (is that a Scott tradition?)
-Berleigh's skirt (if I were 25 years younger.....)
-your FACE! I love you!