Wednesday, January 7

Dear Sister Who Steals all My Toys,

Take that!


6 love notes:

jenny said...

haha. way to go merrick! check out those survival skills.

Lisa said...

that's to funny, how long will he lay there? why is it human nature that we want what we can't have?

Tom & Annie said...

Jen, you're hilarious! Love it!! Oh, and Merrick is too. . .poor Berkleigh : (

Chelsea said...

its the best way to defend your stuff! He's showin her who's boss! So cute!

Amy said...


see you Friday!

April said...

That is hilarious!

And I love all those Christmas shots of your kiddos. One's hard enough, I don't even want to IMAGINE what two would be like.

Berkleigh's dress is ADORABLE. Where did you find it? Or did you make it???