Saturday, December 6

The Art of Tree Picking/Decorating

in a simple 9 step process:

1. Find the perfect tree
Finding the perfect tree can be frustrating, but persevere!

2. Run around the lot, to find the perfect tree,
because some people's idea of a perfect tree could
be exactly like yours. You want to get to it first
and see their jealous eyes on you as you are paying
an arm and a leg for it.

3. Take pictures in front of bigger trees that are more
perfect, which you might not have room for in your little house.

4. Take pictures with loved ones.

5. Bring entertainment, so it isn't to boring...

6. Make sure you bring a car big enough to carry the tree home. As you can see, we almost didn't follow our own advice. We were cutting it close. :)

7. Have enough lights, and make sure they work before stringing them.

8. Enjoy your children decorating the tree for the first time.

9. Take a family picture.

And there you have it folks...

11 love notes:

Sally said...

Or, you could do what my lazy self did this year and buy a fake tree for $3 at a yard sale. Your way is much more fun.

The Flying V said...

ahahah thanks jen for calling me the entertainment. thats like the greatest complamant every. ha
brooke :)

Jessica said...

You forgot 'take a big whiff and enjoy the smell of the fresh tree because other people settled on a fake, but bought a tree smelling candle instead' :)

Kyle, Laurel, and Elle said...

too, too cute! love the family pic in front of the lit tree.

Laura said...

you are such a nice mom to let the kids help decorate. I decorated while Chase was napping and tried to keep the ornaments out of his reach.

Chelsea said...

I cant believe they are old enough to help with the tree! So cute!

Amy said...

CUTE family picture!! You guys got the perfect little tree!

tiff said...

Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. :) So so cute! You're so lucky to be able to do a live tree in an apartment We were never allowed what with fire codes and all. (Like a fire could ever happen in a place as dry as Utah....)

ecuakim said...

CUTE! You are my hero. Decorating WITH the kids, as opposed to WITHOUT, which is what I did after Clark went to beddybye last Wednesday.

RaeAnn said...

Realllly cute pictures Jen!!! The tree is such a cute perfect shape!!!
I emailed Matthew some of the pictures!!!
See you soon!!

jenny said...

isn't it fun they can help with the tree this year? i feel like this is kate's first REAL christmas...we're excited for it! i bet you guys are too!

ps- do your kids hate their footie pajamas this year? kate wants them off the minute she wakes up in the morning, it's driving me crazy!