Saturday, October 25

Yellow and Orange day

We had such a busy day. It started with getting dressed in yellow:

(our friends Matt, Becky, and Ammon... doesn't Becky look like she is having a blast. hehe)

so we could line the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Orange County and wave our Yes on Prop 8 signs. 

My friend Melody and I took the kids in the car and drove up and down PCH honking and waving to people with a HUGE Yes on Prop 8 sign on the back of the car. We had so much fun blaring music, singing, dancing, and honking for 2 hours. I loved seeing all the people come out to support Prop 8. I think it was really successful.

After our adventures acting like 16 year old girls dragging "main" (PCH) with a political agenda, we went to pumpkin carving contest. If blogger would allow me to post more pictures, I might, but you will have to imagine the fun had by this one lousy picture. All of our pumpkins rocked by the way. Not the Scotts so much, but hey we tried. 

5 love notes:

Chelsea said...

Way to go! I love the picture of the three of you in yellow! I miss our pumpkin carving party this year :(

Amy said...

We were there too! We ended up being in front of the Montage- fun day, and I feel good about it! We also carved pumpkins the other night before trunk or treat (check mine out in my picture!) We won the best trunk decorations because of my awesome pumpkin :)

See you thurs!

Amber said...

I was bored tonight so I found all my new friends blogs! I had lots of fun talking with you. Hopefully, we can get together and hang out again. That blanket you made is sooo cute! And I think we blog stock some of the same craft blogs because my friend and I saved that tutorial on the bird mobile.

Kristyn said...

Woo hoo! Way to drag Main with the politcal agenda! :) I loved that line. And how fun to go to a pumpkin carving contest!

April said...

Hey Scotts, our blog booed your blog. Stop on over and pick up your boo sign!

Happy Halloween!