Tuesday, September 9

MTV Cribs: Doctor edition

MTV Cribs Presents:



Ok, let me give you a closer look at what picture looking at me while I try to eat my english muffin with homemade rasberry jam.

Master Bedroom:
Berkleigh using the stethoscope as a purse.

Game Room:
The show we watch.


Our amazing first aid kit complete with a blood pressure cuff, lidocaine, sutures, and needles.

Living Room:
Merrick using the stethoscope on himself.

Master Bedroom:
Merrick using the stethoscope on his "monkeytree".

Our closet door:

Our dirty clothes hamper:

Every pen in our house is a drug rep pen.
(That is not even half of them.)

Junk Basket:
(pager, hospital codes, Medical Journals, hospital badges, pedometer)

I love being a doctor's wife, but I just wish I could eat breakfast without the interruption of nasty feet surgery pictures.

12 love notes:

April said...

My dad is a dentist, so I don't know what's worse, teeth or feet!?!?!

Jessica said...

Amen to the comment above. There is nothing worse than a jar of teeth sitting on the counter!!!!

Becca said...

I feel your pain. You are such a creative girl, MTV doctor's crib. Clint will get a kick out of this! We are excited to see you this weekend in good ol' san fran! Hugs to all!

The Flying V said...

you keep me intertained jen. i look at your blog almost daily. this made me laugh:) your so good to put up with all the doctors stuff.

McGraths said...

That is seriously hilarious!

ecuakim said...

Oh man, that foot picture made me want to puke. That was SO GROSS!!! I am sooooooo sorry!!!!!

Amy said...

The nurse in me makes me wish my hubby was a doctor instead of a banker :) I had so much fun today, sorry I had to bail early!
See you tomorrow though!

liz said...

i love this post!

Emily said...

nastyyyy!!! that picture is no good!! m's smile is so bang cute!!

Sheryl and Ian Bennett said...

Teeth are pretty bad too. I'm even a hygienist, but we had a bottle of teeth sitting in our medicine cabinet for like two years because Ian was saving them for his dental boards. YUCK! It's a good thing they paid off. Our medicine cabinet is teeth free for now. They are way worth putting up with huh?

Melanie J said...

Your blog is dang funny!

tiff said...

That's so funny, Jen! My favorite was the skeleton foot model in the toy box....although the kids seem to prefer the stethoscope to bones. :)