Saturday, July 26

Valentines beanies from the hospital. 
(My favorite! Now framed.)

Purple Beanie

Blue beanie

Brown hat

Lake Powell Jean Hat

Thing 1 Thing 2 Blue Wigs

Blueberry and Strawberry hats

Jelly Belly Factory Hats 
(Ronald Reagan would be proud.)

Hurley Hat

King Crown

Little Red Hat

Ole ... Sombrero

Brown Billed Beanie

Hunters Hat

Jester Hat

Cowboy Hat


Safari Hat

Pirate Hat

Yellow Beach Hat

Hurley Gangsta Hat

Princess crownish Thang 
(My necklace)

Hard Hat

8 love notes:

jenny said...

cute! i loved things 1 and 2.

Andrew & Tara said...

Thats A LOT of hats!! I think Jack has maybe 2. Although I could count one of his diapers as one too!:)

btw, how do you create your "Great Scotts" pics/title at the very top? I LOVE your new one!

Jessica said...

I was going to ask the same thing! They are so cute!
We LOVED this post- the last two are my faves. Berkleigh looks so sassy!

Emily said...

i'm so impressed that they will even leave them on!!! they are all too cute!!

Jackie said...

Oh my heck! So cute!
I am even more impressed that it didn't take you 3 weeks to get all those pictures rounded up!
You really are mother of the year!

Megan said...

Hilarious! How do you come up with these things???? It seems like Merrick is in a lot more hates than B-Ray. Could it be a boy thang? Darling. I think the diaper hat might be my favorite.:)

Kristy said...

I love all tha hats! Merrick and Berkleigh are my two favorite little people! They are so fun! Oh, and the first four best days of my life are... 1. wedding day 2. day I found out I was preggars 3 amd 4 are blank because I am sure have the baby and being a mom or something will end up being more important than windows that make me beyond happy now.

tiff said...

My favorite is the diaper too. You never have to worry about losing those because there are always more to be found....