Thursday, July 10

50 Reasons My Mom is Better than Your Mom...

(did that sound elementary school enough?)

Today is my mom's 50th birthday. I hope she isn't mad I just told everyone her age, but she is younger than other moms with kids my age... so she shouldn't be.. 



In honor of my mom on this very special birthday, I thought I would tell you 50 things I love about my mom with some memorable pictures dispersed strategically throughout.

1. She taught me how to sew.

2. She is fun to travel with.

3. She makes the best 

4. She is easy going and goes with the flow.

5. She is the kindest person I know.

6. She is a great Visiting Teacher. 
She visited this one lady who would slam the door in her face, or not answer, but she was persistant and would leave notes or cookies on her door. That lady is now an active temple going member.

7. She is super talented! 
She quilts. She sews. She paints. She scrapbooks.
 She makes cards.. etc.

8. She has her own band saw. 
How many moms do you know have more tools than their husbands. :)

9. She has the BEST laugh. She can make anyone laugh.

10. She is tenderhearted.
11. She is so strong. You would never know she was a convert to the church.

12. She puts 110% into her callings. Like driving 45 minutes each way to help out a branch in Jennings, LA that needs strong member support.
13. She is a great cook.

14. She loves to shop, and being the only daughter makes going home more fun, cause she has someone to shop with. :)

15. She is a great grandmother. 
She always wants to talk to the babies on the phone, and sends them cute packages.

16. She is patient.

17. She is always up for a game.

18. She is SUPER organized. 
As I grow old I am starting to realize it borders on OCD. :)
19. She always has time to listen.

20. She wrote me at least once a month while in college, so I could get some fun mail.

21. She is a good example of how I want to raise my kids.

22.  She knows what I need when I call upset. She will listen when she needs to just listen, she will make me see the humor when necessary, she will put me in my place when necessary, and she will be angry with me when needed.

23. She loves to read. It is fun sharing books with her.

24. She is a great friend.

25. She is very self motivated.

26. She is an entrepreneur. 
She makes so many crafts she can sell them at craft shows.

27. She is dedicated to her family.

28. She keeps in contact with all friends. 
Their Christmas list is SO long. :)

29. She is a very happy person.

30. She has such strong faith.

31. Her testimony of the gospel is pure.

32. She loves my dad.

33. She treats everyone she 
meets with respect.

34. She doesn't judge people.

35. She kept the twins occupied in the car from Utah to Louisiana. No small feat!

36. She has started great family traditions.

37. She stayed for a month and a half after the twins were born! Seriously... that was amazing.
(watch out... hideous picture below!)

38. She is always smiling.

39. She has lots of note cards and actually uses them. Something I haven't learned from her yet. 
She is always ready to send someone an I am thinking of you card.

40. She is a great daughter. I love watching her with her mom and dad. She is so good to them.

41. She loves the ocean. A reason why Tyson and I should stay in California, so she can visit the ocean whenever she wants. 

42. She can exercise with the best of them. 
Whenever I don't feel like running. 
 think of my mom out there running or going to the gym all the time.

43. She is a great interior decorator. 
Our house always looked great!

44. She makes everyone around her feel important.

45. She taught me to be involved in school. I am glad I was!

46. She (and dad) raised three kids who have all been to the temple. (For those of you who don't know, the temple is a place you can enter if you are physically, spiritually, and morally clean.)

47. She knows me SOO well.

48. She could talk forEVER on the phone. I know I can call her whenever... except I can't call in the car anymore.

49. She loves Tyson like he is her own son.

50. She loves me.

And mom... I LOVE YOU!

Hope you have a great day.

lssssss jeeeeeeeiwla; jwioe
" Happy Birthday Grandma"!
Love, Merrick and Berkleigh

11 love notes:

Shari said...

I love your Mom!! She is so fun to be around, and she really does have to most contagious laugh ever. I wish I could see your parents more often. I had so much fun visiting them in Texas when Jon and I were there to check out UT Austin. Happy Birthday Aunt RaeAnn!!!

Jessica said...

Great Post Jen! I love your Mom too now!

Andrew & Tara said...

Thank goodness for good moms! Yours sounds unbelievable and seems a lot like you!

jenny said...

cute post! i love your mom.

RaeAnn said...

Ok!! I am crying and can't see the computer anymore!!! This is the best birthday gift ever!!! I love you too!! Just remember, every year I get older you get older too!!! I am going to still be around to blog your 50th!!!

gwen said...

What a wonderful post for your wonderful mother! She really is one-in-a-million!

Emily said...

she also makes the best sunday forgot that one!!! roast, mashed potatoes, brocolli with cheese!! I always enjoyed going to your house on sunday!! she does have a great laugh your right.

be a saint said...

I even got a little teary-eyed. That is the sweetest thing to do. And to my knowledge not one of them is an exaggeration. You are truly blessed with a special mom!

April said...

That is THE cutest, sweetest post EVER! What a great idea! I'm sure your momma LOVED it!

Chelsea said...

Your Mom is such a sweetheart. I always remember her staying with you for so long after the twins, that was AWSOME...AND she got to come to a few of our sweet 24 parties! I miss those :(

tiff said...

I'm going to have to agree with everyone else....Aunt RaeAnn has the most infectious laugh ever, and you can't hear it without feeling happy and wanting to laugh too. I remember going up to the mountains to "sled" on the last of the snow in July, and my mom and your mom laughing so hard, and then Shari and I couldn't stop laughing either. It was so fun, and it's one of my favorite memories of your mom.