Thursday, June 5

Still Alive!

We are still alive.

We arrived in Huntington Beach safely after a wonderfully long ride with a 24 foot truck with an auto trailer and our Pilot pluggin away down the 5. We are all moved in to our new place. I will email our address to all! If you don't think I have your email you can leave your email so I can get it to you if you want to send us packages full of house warming gifts. :)

We LOVE our new place. We decided that we live in the ghetto if one of the following is near us...

1. the number of liquor stores
2. Food Max
3. Dollar stores
4. Laundromats

In our first place in Walnut Creek (well Concord actually) there was 3 liqour stores in like a mile radius of our house, at least 4 dollar stores, and 1 Food Max. GHETTO!!!

In our second place we lived, I don't remember any liqour stores nearby, but we did have a couple laundramats, a Food Max within a mile from us, and two people were murdered on our street while we lived there. (We fortunately were on vacation when the incident actually happened.) GHEtto, but really not as bad as the first place.

Then we moved to Huntington Beach! I think there is 1 liqour store about a mile away from our place, but I haven't seen a laundromat, dollar store, a,nd the Food Max is 236 miles away! :) (We know cause although it is ghetto, they sell cheap food, and we checked on our GPS and were sad and glad to know the closest Food Max is in Bakersfield.)

So are we out of the ghetto?


Sorry we don't have pictures yet! Our internet will not be hooked up until the 10th, so right now we are bumming internet off of people in our complex (thanks default) and only our little ibook can get the connection if we are in our bedroom... and this computer takes WAY to long to download the pictures from our camera.... so you will have to wait.)

Our apartment is 2 bedrooms, we have a W/D hookups, TONS more storage than before, new windows, carpet, tile, and avocado green counters in the kitchen! I love it. The best part is... it takes us 3 MINUTES to drive to the beach! We love it. We have been beach bums! Everyone in Huntington Beach ride beach cruisers and on Tuesday nights they close down main street and have a farmers market, bands, activities for the kids etc. We are going to love it here!

Ok, I hate the posts that have all the writing and no pictures, so I will end here, but by the 10th we will have tons of pictures up.

12 love notes:

Chelsea said...

Im so glad you guys made it! I think unpacking is the fun part! I cant wait to see pictures! I can only imagine the avocado green countertops :)

Amy said...

YAY, glad you guys made it! I call you today, and we can make plans for tonight!

jenny said...

i'm glad you made it out alive! i'm jealous you're out of the ghetto and by the beach! the farmers market thing sounded really fun, lucky you guys!

and if anyone can work the avocado green counters, it's you!

Erika said...

Hey Hey!
Lets hang out!!!

Sheryl said...

I'm excited for you to be so close to the Beach. How great is that?! I'm sure you'll love it, and I'm glad you're out of the ghetto. Happy getting settled.

Emily said...

movin' on up!!! you wont forget about all of us small people now will you jk

Andrew & Tara said...

Yay So. Cali!! I cant wait to see pics. Our park days are already missing you and your kids.

Kristyn said...

I'm so glad you guys made there - what a fun new adventure you're experiencing! I'm sure you guys will have it all decked out and homey soon. HB is so fun, and so close to the beach - how great is that?! Have fun beach bums!

Jackie said...

I don't think you could make Cali. sound any more appealing. How fun! And the beach, so close! You guys really do have it great!
Please please enjoy for us!

Sally said...

I'd live in the ghetto in 2 seconds if I could live that close to the beach and a farmer's market (Oh and someplace where it never snows). Someone please tell me why I am living in the desert?????

liz said...

yay! congratulations again and you're making me excited for my move even though I still have the whole place to pack, the drive, and no beach at the end of the rainbow. so glad you guys are happy- you totally belong there.

Haynes Family said...

I am so jealous! Huntington Beach is one of my most favorite places! I hope you love it. :)