Sunday, June 22

Love you Long Time...

So this weekend has been super eventful! We went to Mackenzie's high school graduation.
(Congrats, and we are excited you are at BYU for the summer, but remember we miss you.)

We took Brooke back home with us for a night and two fun filled days doing this:

...and got a CRAZY sunburn.
  The good news... I have great skin, and instead of peeling, it turned into quite a nice tan. 
And shopping. We had lots of fun and success shopping!

On Friday night, we went to the Po-Pos for some games and the most AMAZING dessert ever! 
We taught the Po-Pos to play this:

And we finished at midnight, with Jason begging to play again. We left their house at 2:30 am!!
You might be wondering where the kiddies were? Well they were ALL (four of them, Emily, Lauren, B & M) having a sleep over in the back room. I am seeing many more game nights in the future if that occurs EVERY time. :)

We ate this:
I will have to tell you it is the most amazing dessert EVER! It is just ice cream sandwiches, gooey fudge chocolate, and whipped cream. (Jenny, I think you would LOVE this!)

On Saturday, our friends the Hiatts, came into town for a podiatry conference at Disneyland. We went out to lunch with them and off for some fun at the beach. We love them! They are great, and it is fun to have a mentor/friend for Tyson, and a friend for me. Plus their kids LOVE the twins. We have a lot of fun with them. Thanks guys!

Both of them RAN towards the water and rolled around in it, instead of running away.

Building a sand castle.

On Sunday, my cousin Tiff and her husband came into town! It was fun to have lunch with them!
I was a lame blogger today, and didn't have my camera, but she was an amazing blogger, who had her camera, so I will have to post the pictures later.

We love our friends, old and new, and I am glad that we have had so much fun with them all this weekend!

11 love notes:

April said...

Isn't Ticket to Ride the B-E-S-T? We love that game! That ice cream dessert looks awesome!

Hepworths said...

Ticket to Ride is one of our most favorite games! We get together with friends every week to play either that, Acquire, or Settlers of Catan. Too bad we live on opposite coasts, or we could get together for game nights sometimes!

Jen Scott said...

What is Acquire??? We are always up for new games!

jenny said...

oh i think i've played acquire. chris really liked it and i thought it was just okay. anyways that dessert looked amazing! you will have to tell me in more detail how to make it. thats so fun you got all the kids to sleep so you could play games! ticket to ride is pretty fun, we might have to get it for christmas now that we can't play it at your house whenever we want. thats so fun you saw the hiatts this weekend too!

The Polson Family said...

Jason is already dreaming of the next game night! We had such a blast. You guys are the best.

Amy said...

OK, we haven't played Ticket to Ride- Can I bribe you with an awesome dessert in trade to come teach us? PLEASE!!

BTW- we are going to D-land today and tomorrow, and maybe another day later this week. I want to ride Toy Story Mania (wait and all!) Did you guys ride it yet?

Andrew & Tara said...

mmm, I want desert now...and to play games...and go to the beach.

Shari said...

I didn't know that Tiff and Jake were going to visit you guys. I read your post and at first I thought, "Huh, Jen must have another cousin named Tiff." But then I thought, "Wait, Tiff was just in California!" Of course! I'm so happy that worked out, but I'm jealous too. Wish I could have come, but who want a little sister tagging along?

Kristyn said...

I love jam packed weekends like those. I saw your comment - tell Tyson that Paul's surfing with Bryan on the 5th. They should all go together. Paul would love to have Tyson come too. The should go in the morning - dawn patrol!

Emily said...

what a great weekend~i've hated train until i beat my whole family the other day all by myself!! my dad is obseesed with train he plays online...have you done that yet?

Emily said...

what a great weekend~i've hated train until i beat my whole family the other day all by myself!! my dad is obseesed with train he plays online...have you done that yet?