Monday, June 16

Catalina Island

Tyson and I have never been away from our kids for more than a 5-6 hours. We decided we needed a break. So we took a trip to Catalina Island off the coast of California. We couldn't afford a crazy trip, but we wanted to do something. If you live in California and want to feel outside the US, but not pay for it... go to Catalina. 

This is what what we did, where we stayed, what we ate:

We left Newport Beach at 9 am on Wednesday morning on the Catalina Flyer. 

Tyson in Newport waiting to get on the Flyer.
Me, showing my awe for the big whole in the middle of the boat.
On the Flyer with Newport in the background.

We stayed on the top of the boat the whole time! It was overcast in Newport, but we stuck it out. It was so windy and FREEZING, but oh so beautiful!

Tyson with Catalina behind him.
The Cute Couple.
We were so happy that the sun was out at Catalina!
I don't think it would have been as fun if it was overcast the whole time.

Tyson with the city of Avalon behind him.

We immediately got on our Scenic Avalon tour to get us acquainted with our new home for the next couple days.
the harbor
From the skyline drive.

This is the Wrigley house. (You know, the gum). They own 88% of the island, and this house goes all the way down the mountain. I think every window has an ocean view.

Great Restaurant...
Great food makes a great trip.

The Casino. 
We saw Iron Man in this theater.
 See below.

Our Hotel.
Our room was the top floor with the bay windows.
This was our view.

Eating coconut pineapple ice cream on the beach.
There is a 25 year waiting list to have a car on the island. Only 800 cars can be on the island at one time. So everyone drives golf carts. With the cost of gas, I don't think anyone is sad about that.

Tyson snorkeling.

(I think we got a pretty good deal.)

11 love notes:

Erika said...

where do you find the time and the money to do all these fun things?
we're still in "starving student" mode...and we've been out of school for 1 year now!

Emily said...

it looks like you guys had a blast!! i'm so glad you were able to get out by yourselves!! i'm sure the twins were so excited to see you when you came home!!

jackie e said...

awesome trip!
jeff and i spent 2 days of our honeymoon in catalina. it is the island feel without being so far from home. did you like all the buffalo statues there?
it's cool that you got to spend time together away from the kids.

jenny said...

fun! you guys deserved a nice relaxing break after your move!

Chelsea said...

I absolutely LOVE Catalina island! I LOVE all the cute golf carts in the shapes of trucks and mini vans.

Im so glad you guys had a little get-away! You totaly deserve it after so much school, twins and a move! gosh, you guys make me tired!!!

Amy said...

That looks SO fun and SO relaxing!

Call us when you guys go to Disney again- we had tons of fun yesterday!

Sally said...

crying. I want to live in CA.

ecuakim said...

How fun! I love that you guys do so many cool things together.

Anywho, about my toes. They're better, but not 100%. I started wearing actual shoes, as opposed to flip flops, and I'm exercising and doing yoga again, which helps. Bummer is that I hurt my heel and I've got lots of pain that is not a big deal as long as I'm doped up on Advil. So...I'm...okay. Thanks for thinking of me. If Tyson ever wants an AZ vacation, just tell him to give me a free consultation, and the whole trip would be a tax write-off! ;)

April said...

That hotel is GORGEOUS! HOLY SMOLY! Nice work getting away just the two of you. Maybe someday! *SIGH*

Andrew & Tara said...

I love trips with out kids!! That looks like fun... another place to put on my "to go" list.

Amy Scott said...

Looks like ya'll had an amazing time together.. and a very well-deserved mini-vacation!!