Sunday, April 6

Make Way for Ducklings

I loved this book when I was a kid! We went to the "dut" park today so the kids could play around with the ducks. (They are geese, we know, but remember we are just ecstatic the twins say anything that is even remotely "duck" sounding.) While we were there, we saw two mother ducks with their little broods. It was SO cute. The twins stared at those baby ducks forever. . . just their style. :)
There was just one little duck who would wander off, and when the momma duck said "Quack Quack Quack" that little duck came waddling back. It was really cute.

Here is the duck family we saw... minus the dad, he must have been circling farther out keeping the canadian geese from attacking his young. (Come on, I gotta make the duck life sound kinda interesting, or how would I be able to go to the park everyday and stare at them with the twins.)

The other duck family, who were grieving the loss of their father who was savagely attacked by a large mouth bass. (Not really)

Here is our little duck family. Tyson, the father of this family, luckily did not come to a sticky end, he was just taking the picture.

Here is a little "Do as I'm Doing" between a duck and a Berk.

6 love notes:

Brianna said...

So cute Jen! Merrick's walking?!?! Wow! I love the made up stories of the duck dads. Glad that Tyson didn't get eaten by a large mouth bass! Berkleigh's do as I'm doing so precious.

RaeAnn said...

It would be cute to have a few more little ducks following behind. No pressure!!! Just a thought!!:):)
Love you!!

jenny said...

haha your mom's funny, i love it.

The Polson Family said...

I love,love that book but I think I love the picture of you and your ducks more. So cute. Can't believe you have two walkers, have fun. Counting the days:)

em-jared-ryan said...

your mom's great!! you better get on it jen!

Amy said...

Super cute post Jen!! I love the picture of your duckling clan!