Monday, April 28

Workin' the Womb Walls

Don't get excited... or freak out, I should say. These pictures are of the twins, NOT a new litter I am delivering any time soon.

This ultrasound was taken at 10 weeks.

This ultrasound was taken at 20 weeks.

After naps, Merrick always pushes the door open and goes in to get Berkleigh. Usually Berkleigh is dying to get out of her crib, but this afternoon, she was happy to play around with Merrick. They kept pushing on the side of the pack n play. My "insides" kinda gave a sigh of relief knowing that they were pushing on some other lining besides it! Here they are enjoying a favorite pastime they frequently participated in together in the womb.  

This video was taken at 14 months, 2 weeks.

5 love notes:

jenny said...

how funny! its a pretty bold move to put up ultrasound pictures when you're not pregnant and get people's hopes up!!

i'm sure the twins are happy to have a bit more room out here in the world. you are so creative to think of the pack 'n play as the membrane! haha

Amy said...

OK I saw the ultrasound pictures and immediately though- SHE'S PREGNANT! Oh well- that video is so cute of the twins, I love how Merrick goes back for his sis after he opens the door.

em-jared-ryan said...

Too cute, it's so nice that they enjoy eachother, take it all in while you can! :) Why to you keep putting up posts that look like you are prego-I think this is your second one where you get everyones hopes up~maybe subliminally your really telling us your ready to make an announcment:?

Jen Scott said...

no no no!

Chelsea said...

he he he. You are too funny Jen! I am dying at the comparison. It is so cute to see them interact like that! So sweet! It makes me excited for Cami to be a big sister :)