Sunday, March 30

More Parks and Recreation...

and a little WT.
Tyson has had the whole past week off from a little Spring Break. We have had fun wandering around Northern California (Tyson in hopes of fish and Jen in hopes of sunshine..I got what I wanted, but I Tyson found NO fish.
We went to Sunol, Tyson took the twins to Mt. Diablo, I had two friends come in town with whom I spent some time. 
THEN on Thursday we went to the town Orinda and then the Orinda Reservoir (looking for fish), and we also went to the driving range. It was a lot of fun to be out practicing our swings!

Father and Son checking out the fish.
Tyson teaching Merrick all he knows about wildlife.
Practicing our Swings... these pictures might be incriminating. 
Disclaimer: If you are a golfer, we know our swings are not perfect. We are trying to perfect them, so disregard any poor posture etc.)
Don't I look like a "real" golfer? I have torn jeans, no polo shirt, and flip flops. :)
Our spectators.
I love my golf clubs. Yes these are my own! They are hot pink! I am really not cut out to be a golfer... but thanks to the Po Pos, I love it! Can't wait to golf with you guys when we get to Orange County!
Funny Story... we started a blog about 2 years ago right when I got these golf clubs. We went to the same driving range, and took almost the exact picture and put it up on our blog. Back then, blogger wasn't great with Macs and it took way to long to post, plus we didn't have kid pictures to share with we weren't really into it, AND we forgot the password. So if you are wondering why we are, it is because
(click link to see our old blog) is us... so we had to get a NEW one cause we can't remember the password. :)
We also had a kickin' garage sale with our friends the Carvers and the Heymans. We are moving in June and the Carvers are moving in April, so it seemed just right to have a garage sale! You know what they say... "One man's junk is another man's treasure". We sure found that to be the case! All together we made around 1000 dollars, Tyson and I made around 230 which I thought was really good because we had a lot of little things. 
Here is early morning:
Here is afternoon before we cleaned up:

It doesn't look too different, but really a ton was sold! It was fun to get rid of stuff. Our house feels SO much better and so do we! 
While we were "garage sale-ing" Merrick found dirt to taste like chicken!

Here is Tyson selling his beloved paintball gun. That guy you see, not the kid, but the grown man... was SOOOO excited about the paintball gun. I thought he was gonna pass out with excitement when his wife said he could have the gun.

Here are the "generals" as Pat called us. We were calling out left and right, "One dollar, Two dollars..." it was exhilarating! :)

That is one of the last get together we will have with the Carvers. It is nice to have good friends, and we will miss them when they move.

The End... this post is SUPER long!

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liz said...

yeah i love the band the kooks! good choice!

Brianna said...

Your golfing spectators look so cute. I love the pink golf club. And your posture...looks good to me! Ha ha ha! COngrats on your garage sale. Was that your first? Oh ya Jen- I totally golfed in flip flops too! So I think it's ok, at least for Scott girls, to golf in flip flops! ( Mom,Megan, Brittany, Ashleigh, Mackenzie, and Brooke, now it's your turn!)

jenny said...

i love that kate nash song you put up. great name too! well lets go to laurens closet this week and spend some of our hard earned garage sale money!

Amy said...

OK Jenn Michael and I have been leaning to golf!! So if you ever want a game, call us up!! I hear Coto is a nice corse, and it's super close to us! Michael went to Pelican Hill the other day! (nice huh?!) I am hunting for the perfect set of clubs right now, and I think I must have pink ones now!! What brand are they?

Megan said...

Fun, fun, fun! Love the nature hiking and congrats on the garage sale!

Liz said...

I can't get over that pirate shirt you made for Merrick! I love it. I also like that Kate Nash song. She reminds me a little of Lilly Allen.