Wednesday, March 26

The Good Ol' Days

Emily with the twins and me with Ryan
My friend Emily and baby Ryan came into town, and she came up to Walnut Creek to hang with me and the twins.  It was really fun to see her. We went to Zachary's Pizza, H&M (which she had never been to... Texas, get with the program). We had fun being outnumbered by kids and really had a blast catching up! Thanks for stopping by Em! See you in June...for our 10 year reunion... are you kidding me? I am not really that old, am I?

3 love notes:

jenny said...

yummm zacharys. oh and your friend sounds nice too.

Chelsea said...

Cute vest! It matches your blog background perfectly! Yummy Zacharys... oh-and I love a good H&M run!

em-jared-ryan said...

it was a blast!! thanksfor a wonderful day!! See you in june-yes we really are that old.