Friday, March 21

Our Date with Kate

(Date for Merrick, "playdate" for Berkleigh)What a bummer your sister has to go on your dates with you, Merrick!

Yesterday Jenny and I went to clean the house of one of our friends who just had a stroke (super young... and totally unexpected!!) While we were cleaning, Tyson was super dad, and watched the twins and Kate.

Here are their adventures...
Merrick looks a little psycho... poor Kate!

We wanna go outside... Ok your wish is our command!

After we came home from cleaning, we decided to take the kids to the park. Park day is no longer, mommies talk and babies goo and gaa while laying on the blanket! :) Two out of the three are walking and one out of three is a climber... ahh park day will never be relaxing again!

Kate and Berkleigh followed each other around. 
It was really cute.
 One of these days we will get them holding hands and skipping... well maybe holding hands... skipping will come after we move.

Our little Frankenstein

She loved this dog! I think the dog was scared of her instead of vis versa.

Realizing they would rather play inside the fence with the toys.

They were SO cute with Kate's stroller. All 3 were pushing it around. If you were superstitious you would have thought that there was a ghost moving it, but then from the back you see the three little friends enjoying a leisurely stroll. The twins pushed Kate out of play, and even though she is a better walker, she couldn't keep up. She was so cute. She would hang her head, was talking up a storm, and would walk after them slowly. I should've scolded them for not playing nice, but it was all so cute and both Jenny and I were busy taking millions of pictures.

3 love notes:

YOSH said...

man...BABIES! ...I do not have a baby

jenny said...

that was a fun day, cleaning and all! i love that first picture of kate and merrick. tyson was a GREAT babysitter- he even knew to take pictures for the blog! way to go tyson!

sometime we will come visit you guys and get that skipping picture!

Amy said...

They all look so cute together! Good job Tyson for taking on the triplets for the afternoon! I hope your friend is ok- was it someone in the ward that I know?