Saturday, July 14

Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary!!

We have officially been married for 5 years! July 12, 2002 was the day! I can't believe it. I remember when we were first married and we went to our first married ward, we gawked at people who said they had been married for 5 years. I thought they were so old. Does that make us old?

So I pretty much really love Tyson. I am so happy to be married to him, to have twins, and to be going through school with Tyson. I am a pretty lucky girl! These 5 years have been awesome... .and I know it will just get better. Lookin forward to the next 5!

Happy anniversary Tyson.

We were in AZ for our anniversary. We went to the restaurant that Brianna works at called Olive and Ivy. It is such a nice place. We ate dinner which was fantastic, and then we were told by Brianna to try the Strawberry Shortcake. (Brianna makes it.) So we ordered dessert, but when it came out, the waiter brought three different kinds of gelato and Tyson and I were thinking... "Uh, we didn't order this." Then the waiter put this long black rectangular plate in front of us with all different kinds of truffles and jellies on it, and it said Happy Anniversary in white chocolate. Brianna thanks! It felt so cool to know someone in the kitchen. What a great surprise.

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The Flying V said...

Jen and Tyson,

COngratualations of five years! What a milestone!!

Jen, I love that you are my sister-in-law. You are such a wonderful lady and a great companion to my brother. You are a wonderful mother to two beautiful babies. I marvel at your abilitly to so calmly handle them both and so competently attend to their needs.

Tyson, you are a terrific brother. Life isn't half as much fun without you around. You always make me smile and I am so proud of your dedication in being a doctor.

I love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

p.s. Brianna-YOU ROCK! I bet those were the best tasting desserts ever. Get a picture of you in your uniform outside the Olive & Ivy store sign. Definetly Chritmas card material!!

The Flying V said...

p.s. Your wedding pictures are GORGEOUS!! How did I get copies?


jenny said...

congrats you guys! i'm glad you were able to find a fun way to celebrate in AZ. everyone keeps asking where you guys are at church; i'm afraid the twins are going to be maulled (i have no idea how to spell that)when you come back.

Chelsea said...

Congrats on five years! WOW! Thats a big guys are old! I'm so glad you had a great night together. We still miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I would say you are old... but I'm the same age. I remember the wedding day though. It was beautiful, and you guys look the same!!! (I mean that as a compliment) Love you!

Anonymous said...

PS, I guess it would only be fair if I decided I wanted to become a Texan since you have been a Californian for several years now. :)